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Because Moms Know Best – Here To Help Learning

I looked over the list of speakers and topics. Too many of them made me feel sad. “That would never work for my boys,” I thought to myself over and over again. I went to The Great Homeschool Convention last month, determined to encourage as many mommas, feeling the same sense of being different and… Continue reading Because Moms Know Best – Here To Help Learning

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Special Needs Motherhood Is Lonely Work

I have amazing friends. I do. They are generous and encouraging. They are willing to overlook how many times I ignore their text messages. They make me food, pour me tea, and offer me wine. They are the difference between me completely losing it, and me just partially losing it. They love me, well. And… Continue reading Special Needs Motherhood Is Lonely Work

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Helping My Son Enjoy The Summer

I watched my son tense as the water splashed him in the face. The sounds of so many children – laughing, splashing, having fun. The look on my son’s face – crying, stressed, uncomfortable, frustrated. I went over to the side of the pool and asked him if I could help him out. He looked… Continue reading Helping My Son Enjoy The Summer

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3d Summer Fun (Without Screens!)

Please know, although I  was compensated for my time reviewing this product and hosting the giveaway, the opinions expressed within are 100% my own. Thank you for your continued support of my family! Summer and I have an on again, off again relationship. I love the slower pace. I love the night swims. I love the… Continue reading 3d Summer Fun (Without Screens!)