And This Is What I Sound Like?

I had the honor of being interviewed recently by SPD Parent Zone Organization, a non-profit specializing in helping parents of children with sensory issues.

Of course, the interview was after me not sleeping for about 7 days straight. I listened to it this morning and started laughing out loud – I sound a little manic and crazed, along with complete loopiness thrown in just for fun.

Kelly, the gal who contacted me for the interview is wonderful. She is a mom, just like many of us, dealing with everyday life in Sensory Processing Disorder world. She is kind and knowledgeable and so very encouraging.

I might be biased, but I think this is worth a listen. I know it’s so hard to find time for something like this – a 44 minute podcast might seem like a dream. But if you can, listen to snippets and be encouraged that you are not alone.

And, that this parenthood thing makes us all a little bit (some of us more than others) crazy.

Here’s the link – enjoy!