How We Incorporate Play Into Everyday Learning

“I neeeeeeeeeed to move around while you are reading to me, Momma. It’s how I listen,” my youngest child said to me, spinning in circles as I tried to get him to sit down with me on the couch and pay attention.

My then six-year-old child, who clearly had more energy than the rest of our entire family combined, wasn’t telling me something new. He wasn’t telling me something I hadn’t read in numerous books, blogs, and research studies. In fact, in college, I spent an entire semester studying how to teach deaf children to read using movement.

I have known for years that children, especially young children, often learn best when incorporating play and movement into their educational activities. And yet it took my little boy looking me square in the eye and begging me to help him help me teach, to actually start incorporating play into our learning. Sometimes, I really am the student in this whole motherhood thing. (Please head on over to The 2:1 Conference today for the rest of this post. In it, I talk about why it was/is so hard for me to let go and allow play in our learning.)


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