My Goals For The Week

I have read hundreds of them…

The blog posts where the mom lists out her goals for the week, for the month, for the year. Then the subsequent posts where the mom updates you on her progress for the week, for the month, for the year.

The truth is, I love them.

I love seeing all the planning, the progress, and the getting it done.


It’s encouraging.

Encouraging…and oddly a bit of an escape.

When I read blog posts like these, it feels a bit like dreaming about how it could be. Like in another world, I could have a plan for reading more books, and writing love notes to my husband.

I think these bloggers are on to something. I really do. Writing down your goals, breaking them into small, doable steps, and recording progress is just plain smart.

It’s just that sometimes, their lives and their lists of goals seem foreign, like they are in a completely different culture, in a land far far away.

My goals are not necessarily better or worse – just so very different.

So, in the interest of leveling the playing field for us mommas living with unusual circumstances, and to have a little fun in the crazy that is our day-to-day, I am sharing my real life goals, for my very real life.

Shawna’s Goals for the Week:

1. Don’t lose my ever lovin’ crap over the insurance company requiring another form before they will reimburse the 50% they cover for our Occupational Therapist.

2. Don’t forget, after spending three hours to finally track down the right form,  to send in the form.

3. Try to find a way to keep my son from melting down when we don’t go to the fish store on Thursday.

4. Go to the fish store on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

5. Text my husband and remind him that I spent all the money he earned last week on fish tank supplies and medical bills. Include heart emojjii.

6. Clean the area behind the toilet in the boys’ bathroom.

7. Put the chicken in the crock pot! It does you no good to remember to put the chicken in the crock pot 30 mins. before dinner. I repeat, put the chicken in the crock pot.

8. For the love, take a shower.

9. Clean the area behind the toilet in the boys’ bathroom. Again.

10. Take a moment and count my blessings – because the truth is, this is my life. The most sacred moments are often the ones right in front of us, ticking by, every day. I love these boys, I love this man, and I love this life.

…no matter what might be behind the toilet in the boys’ bathroom.


13 thoughts on “My Goals For The Week

  1. This is awesome. I read the link by that intentional person. Good on her, hey?? I had to apologize profusely yesterday and feel the “beating myself up guilt” when someone I promised something to 9 months ago called me on it and asked me to pay them… the barter being defunct. I bartered because we don’t have the $, but owned up and put the amt. on a really stressed out credit card just to be free of feeling once again like I never quite measure up. This laugh today was great. I have to send you a link to a video we watched on someone’s phone the other night. I hope it wasn’t only funny because it was at 3 a.m.! We spent the rest of the night saying “I hate my life!” whenever something meaningless to that big a reaction happened. I hope you see what I mean, and get a chuckle. (From the mom of 2 boys a bit like yours – it is a spectrum disorder, after all – and two neurotypical girls. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Oh, and I have a man I love to bits, too. You and I are a couple of blessed chickies!

    1. I am excited to check out the link. Thank you for sharing it.
      I really like Jenny (the intentional lady) and her blog. I am glad you checked it out – mostly because she works very hard to help mommas live well and I respect that.
      The truth is that all of our lives, our to-do lists, and our goals are ours…it sounds like yours and mine might be very similar! 🙂 I am glad we are never alone in this.

  2. I loved, loved this! I read other blogs (like the one mentioned) and it seems impossible that there was ever a time when accomplishment wasn’t whittled down to only meeting basic needs…and sometimes, not even that!
    Thank you for your honesty. I read your posts and am reminded it isn’t just me, after all.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. Someone told me last week that one of the most powerful phrases in the English language is, “Me too.”
      So, me too! You are not alone.

  3. You go girl!! I also enjoy reading those post. But, my life isn’t anything like that either. I strive to get through the day with my son not having a major meltdown, eating and taking a shower. Him that is. Lol. I try to shower every other day. Keep the house half way clean, and cook for my husband.

    1. It is such a strange life sometimes. I LOVE reading the posts. They really are uplifting and fun for me. I am glad I am not the only one managing meltdowns and reading all about other moms’ lives!
      Praying for you and yours tonight,

  4. Hi Shawna,
    I am one of the “intentional woman” listed above .

    Because of my own life circumstances, I started my blog to help women live a more intentional life. I’ve always been inspired by other women’s goals (included Crystal’s at moneysavingmom). Because of some of the life circumstances I’ve had, I dreamt of a blog where I could help other women live a more intentional life. No woman’s life is the same and the women that read my blog are all in different seasons and have different backgrounds. I love that about the community there.

    One of my best friends has 2 sons on the spectrum. I have no idea how she does it. I love her to pieces and she is amazing (and so are her boys). I’m sorry if my type of goal posts offended anyone, my goal is to inspire others to set goals for their life. They don’t have to be like mine, I’m definitely not perfect. I’m just trying to be an intentional mom and wife.

    I feel your pain with the occupational therapist. I’m trying how to pay a $6,000 vision therapy bill that’s due before Monday (and budget gas money for at least 16 trips back and forth) when we start therapy and have to drive 300 miles every other week for the next 32 weeks. That’s just not something that I blog about. Maybe I should…. it’s something I’ll have to consider.

    Blessings to your family and I definitely hear you on the chicken with the crockpot. I have that problem myself. And cleaning boy pee..all the time.

    1. Hi Jenny!
      I am so glad you commented. Thank you for your kind and grace filled words.
      Honestly, I don’t think you have anything to apologize for! I LOVE reading your blog, Crystal’s and so many others who strive to encourage and build up women. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your goals – at all.
      My list is more about me poking fun at how crazy my life has become…and the very real actions that I take everyday to keep us going.
      Chicken and boys’ bathrooms are the ties that bind I think. 🙂
      Praying for the vision therapy – the drive, the money, and that it works well for your little one (and that you manage to stay sane and joyful through it all!).

    2. I’m just so glad Shawna linked to you so I could find you. I love the idea of putting loving my husband up on a to-do list. I mostly just grab him as he goes by! 😉

  5. You can make any slow cooker dish in the microwave. Usually 20-30 minutes in the microwave will suffice for the whole slow cooker cooking time. And the result aren’t all that different, since the slow cooker doesn’t brown food either. So if you forget the chicken, give it a shot 🙂

  6. I love your list. Some days mine looks just like it. But my child is older, so some days she feeds herself. Thanks for blogging.

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