Sometimes Summer Break Isn’t A Break At All

I remember summer vacations so well.

When I was a child, summer break meant eating way too many popsicles, not having to get up in the morning, swimming for as long as I wanted, impromptu trips to the lake, and absolutely no real plans.

The summer break of my youth was glorious.

The summer break of my children? Not so much.

When we first began homeschooling, I had big plans for the last day of school. We had a party. We took pictures. We discussed all that we had learned that year. It was a great day.

Then the next day came.

The first day of our summer break.

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I was looking forward to doing nothing. I was looking forward to sleeping in. I was looking forward to less structure, less requirements, and less planning.

My children, however?

They were grumpy, out of sorts, and fighting constantly.

They were like different children, and not in a good way.

And then the next day came, and the next, and the next.

Our first summer break as a homeschooling family was our worst.

Navigating autism and anxiety disorders is tough. I know that for my boys, being able to depend on the schedule, to know what comes next, and to not have to worry about the day, makes things a little bit easier for them both.

But I need a break. For reals.

Please join me today at Simple Homeschool. I discuss how my family approaches the lack of routine and structure that inevitably comes with  summer break. Mostly, I discuss my desperate grab for sanity as we navigate the months until fall. 

See you there!