Summer and Sensory Processing Disorder

When my children want to say a bad word, they “bleep” themselves.

Things like, “Oh bleep,” and “That really bleeped me off.”

It’s cute, although sometimes concerning – legality vs. our hearts is kind of big topic around here.

But today, I am going to follow their lead and say –

Summer is really kicking my momma bleep.

Like for reals.

Summer and Sensory Processing Disorder

I know it must have been like this last summer, and the summer before, and the summer before.

But somehow, like the pain of childbirth, I have forgotten the intensity of it.

So now, midway through, right smack dab in the middle of this season, I am almost surprised that my children are still struggling every day.

I know sensory issues and summer can be difficult. I know this intellectually.

And yet, I have spent the last six weeks pretty sure that if I could just come up with the right routine, the right exercises, and the right activities, summer would be a delight.

I was wrong y’all.

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Summer and Sensory Processing Disorder

They don’t mix.

The heat.

The bug bites.

The smell of the garbage cans.

The adjustment to the temperature of the pool water.

The adjustment to the temperature getting out of the pool water.

The accidental splash in the face.

The purposeful splash in the face.

The mesh inside the swim trunks, and the subsequent seams when you cut the mesh out of the swim trunks.

The hot seats in the car.

The hot ground on your feet because your flip-flops suddenly feel like torture devices for the part in between your toes.

The smokey smell from neighbors, happily grilling away.

The lack of outdoor exercise because it’s too hot and sweaty.

The lack of routine because momma is feeling a bit like summer should be a time for her to get away for a few months and relax at the pool.

Summer and sensory issues are tough

Summer and Sensory Processing Disorder (1)

I would love to have answers for you. If I did, I would’ve called this post – 5 Ways to Rock Your Summer with Sensory Issues, or something like that.

But alas, I am just a mom, trying to figure this life out, just like you.

For now, all I’ve got is this –

The more I cling to my expectations of how summer should be, the worse it gets. Letting go and doing what we can has been my best course of action.

Respecting what my children say they need always, always, always helps.

So does a glass of wine every now and then.

And most importantly, it will cool off eventually.

I can’t bleeping wait.

6 thoughts on “Summer and Sensory Processing Disorder

  1. I totally feel ya! By the time summer vacation rolls around, I forget that it is never a ‘vacation’. I forget that it is actually some of the most difficult months of the year.

  2. Oh girl, I feel ya, I always have big expectations for summer but a week or 2into it I think ” summer break”? Really! Break for who? Its just a different set of challenges. My son is 19 & Autistic. By the time the summer is half way through, he is already strssing about going back to school…..attitudes, meltdowns, etc and he is 6’5. This year managing getting my daughter to work as well….she’s 16. Im almost 46, its a transitional time foe me, never saw myself in this place at this age. Im a stay at home mom and very lonely. Thank you for your blog…I can totally relate…been a long bleeping summer already! Hang in there & I will do my best to do the same. God is good! He has a plan.

  3. Oh man.

    I mean at least no one is going to call CPS on me because he’s wearing crocs without socks and it’s -30, right?

    Keep on keeping’ on mama. You’re doing great!

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