When All The Crafty Things Fail

It’s been a heavy week here.




Doctor Visits.

More Meltdowns.

Cleaning Up After Said Meltdowns.

Not our best week ever.

So, it seems only appropriate that we end on a funny note.

As a good friend of mine always says, “Laugh or die.”


A few weeks back, I decided to get all crafty with my kids. I thought we could do all the things. I thought we could be the family that crafts, actually completes projects, and is all smiles when we are all finished up. (Feel free to laugh out loud.)

I was a crazed lunatic complete with t-shirt making kits and a pottery wheel. Yes, I said pottery wheel. (God have mercy on my soul.)

Join me today at The 2:1 Conference as I share one of my most epic crafty mom fails. I include pictures in the post, like this one, for your enjoyment.


When All The Crafty Things Fail

Let’s end the week with a laugh shall we?

See you there!

Love, Shawna