When Your Child Is A “Slow Learner”

My youngest son is ten years old.

It took him three years (count them, three years) to learn the alphabet fluently.

Four years to spell and write his first and last name correctly.

He still sometimes fails to recognize basic sight words, that he has been practicing for the better part of five years.

When Your Child Is A Slow Learner

I remember exactly when I first heard the term “slow learner.”

I was in third grade and sat next to a sweet boy with freckles and blue eyes.

He struggled in the classroom.

I often read things to him under my breath when he was unable to decode them. He seemed to have a motor inside him that kept parts of his body moving at all times. One time, he drew me a picture of a cat, instead of writing a summary of the story we had just read aloud (which incidentally, was about a cat.)

A teacher’s aide often came to assist him. When another student asked why she was always at our table, she answered, very plainly, “Because he is a slow learner.”  


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