Why Brave Writer Is Such A Big Deal

I read something about Brave Writer almost every day.

Blog posts, Instagram, Email marketing, and Facebook have been screaming at me about this program for over a year now.

My closest online, homeschooling friends have been raving about the “lifestyle” and “poetry tea time” in a way that rivals how plenty of moms sounded when first introduced to essential oils or yoga pants.

Brave Writer is everywhere in the small world of educating my two boys.

And yet I have resisted learning about it.

Please know, this is NOT a sponsored post. There are however some affiliate links included. Thank you for your support of my family.


I was certain it wouldn’t be a good fit for us. I have one son on the autism spectrum who can barely stand to hold a pencil and another sweet boy who is so dyslexic, he can barely write his name some days. It felt like a writing program was exactly what we didn’t need. Top it off with words like “poetry” and “tea time” and I was pretty sure my boys would run for the hills.

Here’s the thing.

I was wrong.

100%, without a doubt, wrong.

Brave Writer is a perfect fit for my family – and I suspect for many families with learning differences.

I finally took the time to learn a bit about it (mostly because I LOVE Kara and Cait at The Homeschool Sisters Podcast and they devoted an entire show to Julie Bogart) and now I am kicking myself for waiting so long.

Read alouds and trampolines are so our jam.

Why Is Brave Writer Such A Big Deal?

The Lifestyle Approach

I was mistaken when I thought Brave Writer was just a writing program. It’s not.

Although there are wonderful language arts products and online classes available, the product itself is only one part of the overall Brave Writer approach to learning.

This “lifestyle” that everyone has been applauding, is a tremendously helpful and inspired way of looking at how we help our kids learn. Whether your child is in school or homeschooling, Brave Writer suggests opportunities to connect with and develop deeper connections with our children as they learn and grow.

And the lifestyle learning is completely free.

Take a look at the various Brave Writer suggestions for developing a language rich lifestyle –

Big Juicy Conversations


Nature Journaling

Art Appreciation

Movies and Television


This element of Brave Writer has honestly felt like an education for me. The more I explore the different suggestions and ideas, the more I confident and inspired I am in my approach to my boys’ learning.

Hands-On Science.

The Focus On The Learner

Because Brave Writer is built around relationship and on meeting the learner wherever he or she may be, I have found it to be an excellent resource for teaching children with learning differences.

The approach allows for tons of flexibility and creativity – in fact, it rewards it!

For example, one experience shared is about a struggling reader, resistant to completing copywork. Instead of forcing the issue, his mother simply wrote out the sentence, word by word onto note cards.  She mixed them up and then asked him to arrange the cards into the correct order. While her other children wrote the sentence, he explored the words and their sequencing in a way that was hands-on and appropriate for his learning needs.

This element of out-of-the-box learning is embedded throughout the Brave Writer lifestyle and learning.

Fun with Shakespeare? Yep.

The Credibility It Provides

This is the biggest benefit to me, the mom.

I have never come across a program that encourages or even allows for the type of learning that I am naturally pursuing with my boys. Most of the time, I feel like I am rearranging curriculums in order to make them work.

This has left me feeling doubt and concern – what if I am being too flexible, too accommodating, and too learner focused? How are they ever going to learn it all?

Because Julie Bogart has already raised and homeschooled five children and helped thousands of families do the same, she can attest to a learner-centric approach working.

More than just the reassurance from a veteran mom and writing professional, I am encouraged and excited to see a learning approach that “looks like us” in print, with real people using it, loving it and seeing success from it.

The confidence Brave Writer has instilled in me, as a mom, has been more valuable than all of my other curriculum purchases combined.

Please know, this is not a sponsored post.

I am sharing this with you because it works so well for us. I hope it will work for you and yours too.

Brave Writer, the program, the blog, the podcast – all of it – is encouraging and inspiring me every day.

My children are learning.

And so am I.