When I Can't Control It All - #specialneeds #autism #mentalillness #bipolar #adhd

When I Can’t Control It All

When your child is first diagnosed, the doctors are always focused on the proposed treatment plan. Rightly so. It's what they do, post assessment. I recommend therapy a minimum of two times a week. The standard course of treatment is this prescription and that medicine. There will likely be a waiting list, but you need to get him in with Doctor so and so...Read More

Homeschool Mom Q&A: What About College?

Have you heard the rumors that some colleges are actually seeking homeschool graduates for enrollment? It's true. Spartanburg Methodist College is an institution that actively promotes homeschooled student enrollment and they have graciously sponsored this post.    My son is almost 15 years old. He is technically a freshman in high school, although his courses include 7th grade to college level content. As we navigate...Read More
Hands-On Geography For Older Kids #handson #middleschool #highschool #learningdifferences #homeschool

Hands-On Geography For Older Kids

I have been feeling the disconnect in our learning for a while now. As my boys have gotten older, the curriculum, learning materials, activities and ideas have become harder and harder to find. There are plenty of traditional programs. Textbooks, worksheets, multiple choice quizzes - I can easily find those. The problem is that my boys most certainly do not learn best with a...Read More
When Dinner Together Seems Impossible

When Dinner Together Seems Impossible

Ten years ago, I left the house each morning by 6:30 with two children in tow. I arrived back home no earlier than 7:00 in the evening. I was a single mom, with two wonderfully unique little boys and I was overwhelmed every single second of the day. Every night was a mad dash to bedtime, just so we could get up and do...Read More
Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real? #sensoryissues #sensory processingdisorder #spd #autism #adhd

Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real?

Sensory issues are a part of our life. They are a significant part of our life. For years, we have accommodated my son's sensory differences daily. These accommodations have become almost second nature around here.  (For example, I was shopping alone - praise Jesus! - at Costco the other night. I heard a baby starting to wail and I instantly tensed up. Not for the poor...Read More