Just Because It’s Difficult, Doesn’t Mean You are Doing it Wrong

He threw the book and stomped off to his room. "Don't you understand?" he yelled, clearly frustrated. "I have dys-A-lexia!" As he slammed the door, I tried to sort through all my reactions - smiling because of the way he pronounced dyslexia, bitter because he threw the book and we have been trying to help him work on the explosive responses, sad because reading...Read More

Momma, Why Can’t I Read?

This post was originally published on Not The Former Things in 2014. After reading two books last week, my sweet son was thrilled. I was thrilled. We all were thrilled. But this week, basic words are a struggle again. He sees the words. He knows he used to know them. But his brain just can't recall the information. This is part of dyslexia. It...Read More

When Being Thankful Feels Impossible

It is officially the week we collectively give thanks. It's good. It's right. It's tradition. And sometimes...it feels completely impossible.   (This post originally appeared here on Not The Former Things in November of 2014. It feels like much has changed, and yet, as I read own words below, I am struck by how much is still so much the same.)   At the beginning...Read More

Because Halloween And Autism Can Be Scary

Oh my goodness, Halloween is almost here. Like every year, I am anticipating it with a certain amount of excitement and a certain amount of anxiety. If you don't have a child on the spectrum or with sensory processing issues, you may think my anxiety is about homemade costumes or sweet decorations. If you do have a child like mine, you know exactly why....Read More

Why Does Sunday School Have to be School?

It's Sunday morning. How many families are fighting to get their kids out the door today, and into that Sunday school classroom? When I was a single mom, I used to look at the clock on a Sunday morning and count down the hours and minutes until my sons would be checked in to their Sunday school classes. I knew I would then have...Read More