Living In Survival Mode

It feels like a whole lotta nothing, but clearly something has been going on here these days. It's been a whole lotta let's try to get you to take this medicine before we take this medicine. And a whole lotta I know it's 1AM and you still can't sleep. And a whole lotta what shall we fix you to eat that is low salt/low...Read More

What Will My Children Say About Me When They Are Grown?

My husband and I had a cup of coffee together this morning. Both boys were up half the night.  The only advantage of this, is that they slept in and we were able to steal some precious morning moments together. And by precious moments, I mean both of our eyes barely open, yawning, mentioning that the garbage needs to be taken out, how much...Read More

What No One Told Me About Being A Stay At Home Mom

Being a working mom was HARD. Like for reals. Working outside the home in an executive level, management position meant every single day felt like a mad dash to achieve, perform, manage, and mother - all at the same time. But the truth is, working outside the home was predictable. It was steady. It was dependable. Monday through Friday, with very little variation, my...Read More

Fear vs. Faith and Motherhood

I looked at my child, smiling and joyful, and tried to not panic as he climbed two stories up the rock wall. Rock climbing camp and my youngest son make a great long as I avert my eyes and pray. When he was only a year old, I came into the room and found him standing on the kitchen table, doing a wobbly...Read More

My Love-Hate Relationship With Screen Time

This week is "Screen-Free" week. Or around here, "Feel Like A Bad Mom" week. When I think about the amount of time my children spend on screens, my head hurts. The guilt. The assurance that I am absolutely doing the wrong thing. The feeling that good mommas would never... The truth is, I sometimes hate screen time. I see the effect it has been...Read More