How To Help When A Friend’s Child Has Been Hospitalized

My son has been in the hospital for three days now. I have cried more than I thought possible. I have prayed more than I thought possible. I have worried more than I thought possible. And I have found more encouragement and hope in the midst of this, than I ever thought possible. Right now, I am three floors away from my sick little...Read More

To The Mom Crying In The Parking Lot

I glanced out the window of the third story waiting room and saw her. She was trying to help her son out of his wheelchair, and into the front seat of her car. He looked to be about 15 and was fighting her, melting down, clearly upset about something. From three stories up, I recognized everything about this momma. The fear, the anger, the...Read More

What Faith Looks Like When You Are A Mom

I am preparing to speak next week about 'Faith and Fear in Motherhood'. As I have prayed about what to say and how to say it, one thing keeps occurring to me - Faith looks nothing like the pretty picture I have in my head. The longer I am a mom, the more I realize that faith, every day, is less about the rules...Read More