When Life Gets Messy, So Does My Budget

I sat down today to finish out the month's financial paperwork, both for my husband's business and our household. Once again, one thing is clear - When my life gets out of control, my spending soon follows. There is a direct, proportional, undeniable link between the two (unfortunately!). We have had a stressful month... and we are about to have another one, mostly because...Read More

Resources That “Get It”

When I first heard the news of my boys' diagnoses, I really struggled. Not just because it was so hard to accept - although it was and sometimes still is. I also struggled, because it was so difficult to find resources that felt relevant to our situation. Many of you have asked me the same question I asked back then - Why can't I...Read More

Autism and Money: How Do We Pay For All Of This?

I posted this on the Not The Former Things Facebook page a few weeks ago.  "What does momma do when she is so tired she can no longer see straight? Work on all the insurance company appeals of course. Watch out Health Fund - you do not want to mess with me today." And I loved all the comments! Apparently, it's not just me,...Read More

Autism and Diet: How Our Family’s Eating Habits Have Changed

Before we even had the official diagnosis, several professionals suggested we modify my son's diet. The claims were all over the place from, "There is no evidence that diet will affect the autistic brain," to "I can cure your son with changes in diet and supplements." I am honored to be sharing our experience with diet and an autism diagnosis at Kitchen Stewardship today....Read More

Learning To Be At Home – Tips and Tricks Part 2

I recently shared a sort of serious, sort of poking fun of myself post on Tips and Tricks. I thought for sure maybe five of you would read it, smile sweetly, and say "She should really stick to writing about her family." Well, you readers are kinda awesome and proved me wrong. I actually heard from many of you that you that you would...Read More