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Grieving My Child’s Diagnosis

When I was in high school, I learned about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief (the stages we go through when we are processing a significant loss or change). It was part of an assignment for a speech I was working on in debate class. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance I still have them… Continue reading Grieving My Child’s Diagnosis

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When Life Feels Unfamiliar

It was a matter of days, after my oldest son’s first diagnosis, that the emails and Facebook links began pouring in. Welcome to Holland, by Emily Pearl Kingsley, is like required reading for a mom with a newly diagnosed child. I read it. I liked it. I identified with it. I nodded my head a… Continue reading When Life Feels Unfamiliar

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Depression and Mothering A Child With Special Needs

It’s been coming on for a while now. And with good reason. The list of diagnoses and medicines. The boys’ meltdowns and anxiety attacks. The constant hypervigilance. The lack of sleep. The loss of any real personal time. And, the intense grief that my youngest is spinning out of control in a mood disorder that… Continue reading Depression and Mothering A Child With Special Needs

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I Am That Mom

I could feel it. The other parents staring. Their glances back and forth, between my sweet son, me and then each other. My youngest just started gymnastics. He really wanted to do it, and I really wanted to get him into occupational therapy. Like his brother, as hormones have started to change him into a… Continue reading I Am That Mom

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Why I No Longer Say ‘This Too Shall Pass’

It has been a year now, since my son received his chronic illness diagnosis. I remember all the research the doctor referenced. The higher risk of lymphoma, the decreased life expectancy, the recommendation for a wheel chair. It is all seared into my brain, plain as day. It has been a year now, since we… Continue reading Why I No Longer Say ‘This Too Shall Pass’

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Why I Write About My Son’s Autism

When my son was first diagnosed with autism, I was sure the diagnosis alone would give us options and resources. Prior to diagnosis, he was often dismissed and so was I. For years I heard – He needs more discipline. Just make him wear shoes. He’ll get over it. He needs to work harder, do… Continue reading Why I Write About My Son’s Autism

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Looking Back on 2015

It is so hard to believe that another year has passed. It’s been a doozy for our family. 2015 brought us five hospital visits, and two additional diagnoses. It brought new pets and aquariums (I really, really don’t want to actually figure out how many. It’s best if I stay in denial). It brought progress… Continue reading Looking Back on 2015

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To The Single Mom At Christmas

Dear Single Mom, I have been thinking of you since Thanksgiving. As Christmas gets closer and closer, I have been praying for your heart. This time of year is hard for you, I know. I was a single mom for almost five years. My sister was for seven. And my mother has been a single… Continue reading To The Single Mom At Christmas

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Hypervigilance and Mothering a Child With Autism

I had a dream last night. In it, my son was in pain, but I couldn’t understand where, or what was causing it. I was calm, but focused. I kept trying to ask him questions about his body in a different way, hoping he would be able to communicate what was bothering him. I asked… Continue reading Hypervigilance and Mothering a Child With Autism

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The Heart of the Caregiver

I am so excited to introduce you to Mary. Like many of us, she is a mom, wife, duaghter, and friend – and she is intimately familiar with the realities of being a full time caregiver for a child. Because it is so hard, because it seems impossible sometimes, because the heart of the caregiver… Continue reading The Heart of the Caregiver

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No One Said This Would Be Easy

“I don’t want to go,” my son said for the 15th time in as many minutes. “We go to aquatic therapy with Ryan every week. This helps your body, and you love it once we get there. Today is Wednesday. This is what we do on Wednesdays,” I said firmly, trying at the end to… Continue reading No One Said This Would Be Easy