Broken Cookies Taste Just As Sweet

Hearing stories from other moms can be so encouraging. My child had a public meltdown yesterday. I just had a conversation with his teacher about her IEP. I'm exhausted. My son meows too when he is unsure what else to say. (For reals, this happened to me. I was thrilled.) Marisa is a momma and a reader of Not The Former Things. She has four...Read More

Setting Realistic Goals For The New Year

I love celebrating a new year. There is something about a fresh start, a blank slate, a new beginning – it makes me feel hopeful. It makes me feel free to try new things and begin again. And, every single year, it makes me also feel a little bit crazy. Take last year – I made a long list of “goals” not “resolutions” (because...Read More

Making The Holidays Less Stressful, One Gift At A Time

The holidays have historically been a time of great stress for our family. It's no wonder. Take an already emotionally and physically overloaded child, add a mom working around the clock to try and figure out ways to help him cope, plus a husband trying to help her, and a little brother clamoring for some attention of his own. Now add holiday travel with...Read More

I Think My Child Has Autism; What Now?

I had no idea when I started writing here, that so many of you would say, "Me too." Isn't that just the way of things?  We think we are so alone, the only one. For me, nothing makes the load feel lighter than another momma sharing her experience and saying, "Me too." This post was written by a Not The Former Things reader on...Read More