Hands-On Geography For Older Kids #handson #middleschool #highschool #learningdifferences #homeschool

Hands-On Geography For Older Kids

I have been feeling the disconnect in our learning for a while now. As my boys have gotten older, the curriculum, learning materials, activities and ideas have become harder and harder to find. There are plenty of traditional programs. Textbooks, worksheets, multiple choice quizzes - I can easily find those. The problem is that my boys most certainly do not learn best with a...Read More

Hands-On Science For Older Kids

It was clear, before we even began homeschooling, that my boys learn best by 'doing.' Hands-on activities have been an essential element of our learning for seven years now. But, as my sons get older (now eleven and fourteen - read middle and high school, whaaaaat?) finding age appropriate, hands-on activities has become more and more difficult. In my experience, there are thousands of...Read More