When My Home Feels Out Of Control

The past six months have been some of the most difficult of my entire life. My youngest son was hospitalized for almost two weeks in October, and our family has been reeling ever since. Simple things seem hard – Cleaning schedules Meal plans Homeschooling consistency The laundry I have yet to get these basics back on track.   Although my son is home now...Read More

Weekly And Daily Routines (that are not so routine)

I wrote an entire post last week whining about how hard it is to be consistent with our routines. Turns out, I am not alone in this quest to figure out how to maintain the flow of our days. Many of you asked for more information about what our routines are, no matter how bad I am at keeping them consistent. I get it....Read More

Why Are Consistent Routines So Hard?

Mom confession time. I totally let my son watch four episodes of SpongeBob yesterday. In a row. I dozed on the couch with the aggravating sounds of Squidward and Patrick in the background. It was my son who stopped the incessant music playing at the end of the episode. "I'm bored," he said, looking at me expectantly. "I'm tired," I wanted to say, but...Read More

When Life Gets Messy, So Does My Budget

I sat down today to finish out the month's financial paperwork, both for my husband's business and our household. Once again, one thing is clear - When my life gets out of control, my spending soon follows. There is a direct, proportional, undeniable link between the two (unfortunately!). We have had a stressful month... and we are about to have another one, mostly because...Read More