Calming The Chaos Of Motherhood (one list at a time)

A few years ago, my best friend asked if I would be willing to stay at her house for the weekend and babysit. She and her husband wanted to get away, and she knew I wanted some time to spoil her preschooler and baby girl rotten. (Incidentally, I am always the auntie or friend that spoils your children. At this point, I just own...Read More

How To Turn Around A Bad Day

It has been a tough few weeks around here. Like, really tough. Both of my children are off. The time change certainly didn't help, but the reality is that we were already a hot mess long before we lost that hour. My oldest has been having complications from his chronic illness. Mouth sores and rashes and things that are just generally not fun for...Read More

When I Don’t Know How To Help My Child

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon when it started. My son had been outside, working on a pond project in our backyard. He came inside, clearly overheated and tired. About 30 minutes later, he began speaking really fast, in sentences that didn't quite make sense. He kept talking, in an endless stream of consciousness, looking a little panicked - as if he knew...Read More

5 Things That Are Making Life Easier Right Now

It is now February and, as much as I hate to admit it,  we are still recovering from the holidays. The lack of routine, the lack of sleep, the lack of control - it has left a lot lacking in our daily lives. Add to the chaos, a trip to the hospital for my son, and no less than four doctors appointments in three...Read More