Homeschool Mom Q&A: What About College?

Have you heard the rumors that some colleges are actually seeking homeschool graduates for enrollment? It's true. Spartanburg Methodist College is an institution that actively promotes homeschooled student enrollment and they have graciously sponsored this post.    My son is almost 15 years old. He is technically a freshman in high school, although his courses include 7th grade to college level content. As we navigate...Read More
Hands-On Geography For Older Kids #handson #middleschool #highschool #learningdifferences #homeschool

Hands-On Geography For Older Kids

I have been feeling the disconnect in our learning for a while now. As my boys have gotten older, the curriculum, learning materials, activities and ideas have become harder and harder to find. There are plenty of traditional programs. Textbooks, worksheets, multiple choice quizzes - I can easily find those. The problem is that my boys most certainly do not learn best with a...Read More
What No One Told Me Before We Started Homeschooling

What No One Told Me Before We Started Homeschooling

Being a working mom was HARD. Like for reals. Working outside the home in an executive level, management position meant every single day felt like a mad dash to achieve, perform, manage, and mother - all at the same time. But the truth is, working outside the home was predictable. It was steady. It was dependable. Monday through Friday, with very little variation, my...Read More

The Easiest Way To Get Back On Track

We were doing so well. After weeks of meltdowns and summer heat... After a loss of any real routine or structure... After barely making it through the transition to back to school.... We were doing so well. It was amazing. Then both of my boys came down with back to back viruses that strongly resembled the flu. And just like that, we were a...Read More