When The Child Who Needs Structure Fights It The Most

I hear it all the time. Every doctor, every therapist, every educator... At some point in discussing my youngest son's learning differences and special needs, every expert has made the same generalized recommendation, with varying degrees of concern and judgement. He needs structure. For a child with his level of differences, he needs structure to know that he can depend on the routine, even...Read More
Making the Decision to Homeschool My Child with Special Needs #autism #adhd #dyslexia #specialeducation #specialneeds

Making The Decision To Homeschool My Child With Special Needs

I used to be extremely opposed, super judgy, uninformed and militantly against homeschooling. (I was once so rude and condescending to a homeschooling mom at the park that I wish I could go back in time and not only take it back, but clean her kitchen for her while she sips a glass of wine.) So, if you feel that same violent opposition, there...Read More
Brave Writer and Children with Learning Differences #bravewriter #learningdifferences #dyslexia #autism #adhd

Brave Writer And Children With Learning Differences

Some days go really well. Some days just don't. Last week, we had one of those days that just, no matter how hard I tried, did not work. Although he had read a chapter book the day before, my son was not able to read the word "then". He knew he should know it, after practicing it for almost four years. He knew he...Read More
Is It OK To Use The Term "Special Needs" - #autism #specialneeds #adhd #learningdifferences

Is It OK To Use The Term “Special Needs?”

People can be really mean sometimes. People can be really kind sometimes. This pretty much sums up what I have learned about the internet as a blogger. I delete inappropriate comments without responding. I try to help anyone who seems like they may need it and I hope I communicate how grateful I am for the massive support and encouragement I feel from you,...Read More

What I Wish People Would Stop Saying To My Child

My son was in a gymnastics class last year. He loved moving his body. He loved the other kids. He loved feeling accomplished at the end. Although he loved all of these things, he still struggled to get out the door every Saturday morning. Crippling anxiety would grip him, about five minutes before we needed to leave, every single week. After deep breathing, talking...Read More