Motherhood – One Step At A Time

"Mommy, that would be so boring," he said. "What?" I asked, sighing and thinking he was missing the whole point. "Walking around that big wall, for six days with nothing happening." I looked down at the children's bible in his sweet but very dirty hands. "Yes, I guess it would be," I answered, beginning to realize my son was teaching me something about this...Read More

Parents Gone Wild

My children will be leaving tomorrow to see their dad for a few days. There will be anxiety and pressure. There will be fun trips to places they rarely see. There will be treats and late bedtimes. There will be a transition home that I am trying to not to think about. And let's just be honest, there will be two parents, desperately in...Read More

Special Needs Parenting: When Your Husband Doesn’t Get It

"There are times," I admitted with a sigh. "There are times that I wish I could just give him an injection of autism awareness and education. Like a vaccine. Or a strong dose of IV antibiotics." My friend smiled sadly. I did too. "I want him to have all the information and know how to deal with this. But it's like I am the...Read More

Looking Back on 2015

It is so hard to believe that another year has passed. It's been a doozy for our family. 2015 brought us five hospital visits, and two additional diagnoses. It brought new pets and aquariums (I really, really don't want to actually figure out how many. It's best if I stay in denial). It brought progress and change and sadness and love and laughter. This...Read More