When I Mourn The Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

When I Mourn the Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

I saw them as I drove out of the Target parking lot. Two little boys, rolling down a grassy hill, squealing in delight as their momma waited at the bus stop nearby. Such a simple little scene... But I felt like I couldn't breathe, watching the oldest boy roll with abandon and wild joy. Tears immediately began to flow, and I actually had to...Read More
Friday Fun-Days 52 Weeks of Activities #homeschool #homeschoolmom #handsonlearning #kidsactivities

Friday Fun-days: 52 weeks of Easy For Mom Activities

It's the beginning of 2018. After a scary end to last year, the honest truth is I am a complete mess. We have to get back to school next week. We need the routine. We need the dependability. We need the learning (don't ask me how behind my youngest son is after all the hospital stays). I know we need to get back on...Read More
When Waiting is The Only Option (special needs motherhood) #specialneeds #chronicillness #specialneedsmom

When Waiting Is The Only Option (special needs motherhood)

I sat, holding my son's cold hand, praying without many words. Please. Help him. Heal him. Please. Help. After several days of increasing pain and stomach trouble, I finally made the decision to take my boy into the ER. I wanted to take him sooner, but the doctor told me he wasn't in immediate danger. He told me to wait it out. So I...Read More
Why Does This Have To Be So Hard? Special Needs Motherhood - #specialneedsparenting #specialneeds #autism #dyslexia #adhd

Special Needs Motherhood: Why does this have to be so hard?

My son woke up at 3:30 this morning, his brain ready for the day. He called me in and immediately began talking about chameleons - their habitats, their care in captivity, their coloring, about all the things chameleon. My eyes were barely open. 3:30 AM came way too soon. And through the groggy haze, I closed my eyes and thought, "Why does this have...Read More
Special Needs Motherhood - Accepting a New Normal #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting

Accepting A New Normal

My son's health, both physical and mental, has been declining for weeks. It culminated in a crisis last week that I am not sure I will ever really fully be able to put words to here. Suffice to say it was really, really hard - for him, of course, and for me. This week, he is beginning to recover a bit. He is asking...Read More