Special Needs Motherhood Is Messy

My son and I watch the show, Dirty Jobs, every night as a way to wind down before bedtime. He loves it. I love it. It works for us. Last night, he looked at me in the middle of the show and said, "You don't get paid, so Mike Rowe couldn't come here. But you have a really dirty job." I smiled and agreed....Read More

5 Books I Re-Read Every Year – motherhood, homeschooling and learning differences

This year is very different for my family. My sons' close group of friends, the ones who have homeschooled alongside us for five years, are all making the transition to public and private schools. I am happy for them and thankfully, they are all doing very well in their new schools. I love these kids fiercely. It's exciting to see them growing up so well....Read More

It’s Not Always Forward – mothering a regressive child

Regression happens. Five years post diagnosis, I have lost track of how many times it has happened. I know this is just the nature of things. But... We were getting used to things being easier, not so intense, not so destructive, not so rigid. We began to relax, to exhale, to forget. We also began to schedule more, take on more daily requirements, travel,...Read More