It’s Not Always Forward – mothering a regressive child

Regression happens. Five years post diagnosis, I have lost track of how many times it has happened. I know this is just the nature of things. But... We were getting used to things being easier, not so intense, not so destructive, not so rigid. We began to relax, to exhale, to forget. We also began to schedule more, take on more daily requirements, travel,...Read More

Teaching Social Skills At Home

Last month, my 14-year-old son went to a meet and greet for one of his favorite tech YouTubers. When he returned home, he told me all about the other people he met, the jokes that they told, and the afternoon that they shared. Later that night, my husband said, "You would've been so impressed. He held his own. He was confident and chatty. I...Read More
The Things I Don't Want To Share - Not The Former Things Autism, ADHD, Homeschooling

The Things I Don’t Want To Share

My oldest son was diagnosed with autism five years ago this week. Five years. His diagnosis was the reason I began writing. I came home from that doctor's appointment, shaky and afraid, determined to find out as much as I could about helping my son. I went online, thinking it would be easy to find a mommy blog that would help. I wanted to...Read More