A Mom Is A Mom, A Kid Is A Kid

There is so much I want to share with you. The joy when my son is able to read 73 of the Top 100 words in the English Language. The crazy when I am at a Reptile Show with my oldest, and he wants to see one more lizard, one more turtle, one more snake. The doubt I feel every single day - am...Read More

Different By Design

The only way I make it through the chores of the day sometimes (especially laundry... and maybe the dishes... and possibly cleaning the bathrooms...), is by turning on a podcast and listening to another momma talk. There is something about hearing another mom's perspective on her life, her tips and tricks for success, and her heart for her children, that re-energizes me and makes...Read More

Can You Hear The Hope? – A podcast about parenting and autism

The radio in my car hasn't worked in years. My son had a massive meltdown on the side of the road one day  and broke the car antenna. (He also dented the bumper, scratched the paint, and drew the attention of a suspicious police officer driving by as he tried to punch me the face. Just keepin' it real people...) So, no more radio....Read More