10 Must-Read Books For Parenting A Child With Special Needs

There are eleven separate chronic diagnoses between my two children. Seven times I have sat in a beige room on a beige couch and heard a doctor say the words I knew were coming, but still didn't want to hear. Your child has... Autism Bipolar Disorder, Type 1 Anxiety Disorder ADHD Sensory Processing Disorder Lupus Learning Disorders I have said it before and I...Read More

Love Letters and Children’s Literacy

I love hearing about other women's passions and interests. There is something motivating and inspiring about another momma, trying to impact the world, doing the best she can to make a difference. Luckily, being a blogger means that I am often introduced to and impressed with some pretty amazing moms. It keeps me going. It makes me feel like there is a way to...Read More