Naming My Blog – Not The Former Things

As I walked out of the office, I could still hear her voice. “Your son is most certainly on the autism spectrum. He needs help immediately." The developmental pediatrician's words swirled around in my head, over and over. It all made sense. For the first time in my son’s young life, it all added up. I was sad, to be sure. But sadness wasn’t...Read More

Questions I Asked As A New Christian

I was 30 years old. A new mom and a brand new Christian. Having a baby really does change everything, doesn't it? For me, it certainly did. Jesus rocked my entire world, four months after I became a momma. Being 30, and new to this whole church thing was honestly, just plain weird. There were so many things I didn't understand about the new...Read More

When It Hurts

My heart hurts this week. The world is a mess. A bloody, broken mess. The horrible killing, all over the world. And then, the reactions, the politics, the rhetoric. The closing up, shutting down and withholding. All of it seems upside down and backwards. It's void and cold. It's not what I know to be true. I feel small in the face of it....Read More

I Am That Boy’s Mother

I heard her say it. I couldn't respond because I was too busy trying to get to "that boy" to help him calm down. We were in a craft store (enough to cause me to lose it) and my son was starting to melt down because he couldn't find the size frame he needed, couldn't live without, the world can't turn anymore until we...Read More