Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real? #sensoryissues #sensory processingdisorder #spd #autism #adhd

Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real?

Sensory issues are a part of our life. They are a significant part of our life. For years, we have accommodated my son's sensory differences daily. These accommodations have become almost second nature around here.  (For example, I was shopping alone - praise Jesus! - at Costco the other night. I heard a baby starting to wail and I instantly tensed up. Not for the poor...Read More

Am I Babying My Son?

"You baby him. He's almost eleven years old and you are still helping him get his socks on straight." "You can't keep treating him like a baby. He is old enough to sleep through the night. You need some tough love here." "You are still helping him tie his shoes? Are you kidding me? How old is he? Time to cut the apron strings."...Read More