Summer Break For The Child Who Needs Structure

I have been feeling it for a while now. The nagging worry. A tiny flicker of fear. The desire to head to Mexico and have a drink by the pool. Summer is coming. When you have a child who requires a consistent routine and struggles with change, summer break is not something you look forward to. Summer break is not really a break at...Read More

Homeschooling An Explosive Child

There were scratches up and down my arms and my mascara was smudged. I glanced in the rear view mirror and noted that my hair would also need to be fixed before I went into the office. I looked like I had been in a fight. The truth is, I had. As I drove away from my son's school, I fought back tears. "Just getting him...Read More

I Am Thankful For You!

I have said it before and I will say it again - two of the most encouraging words in the English language are "Me too." This morning, I wanted to check in and quickly say that I am praying for you this morning. I am so humbled by the way God blesses me through all of you. Not doing this alone, feeling like so...Read More

How We Stopped Fighting Every Month Over Money

I could see the tension in his face as soon as I said it - "We should go over the budget tonight." It happened every single month. I would try to figure out a way to bring up the subject of our family's finances, and my sweet and typically chatty husband would immediately withdraw. I would panic, and start to list all the things...Read More

Because I Can’t Find The Words

I haven't written anything new in days. There's good reason. I have so, so much to say, but I don't have a grasp on where to begin. So instead, I keep posting things this week that others have written. Because someone else's words make more sense to me right now than any I find myself fumbling with to try and explain the limbo we...Read More