Parenting An Explosive Child

I have been scratched, spat on, threatened, punched and called names.

There are holes in the walls, windows that have been broken, iPads that will never be the same and stains on the ceiling that will not come out no matter how hard I scrub.

Our school day often involves more than one book or pencil being thrown, and an anger so fierce I am sometimes afraid.

I am deeply saddened and often ashamed, but it is the truth.

I am parenting an explosive child.

You may read these things and think our life is total chaos and out of control.

You may think I need to crack down and discipline my children.

You may think this is an unusual occurrence and that we are somehow an anomaly.

You’d be wrong.

Our life is sometimes chaotic and out of control to be sure, but most days are a mix of good and bad, just like anyone else’s.

Yes, there are times when I could be more a consistent disciplinarian, but never when one of my sons has completely lost control.

And no, sadly, our family is not all that unusual.

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The good news is we are learning slowly, but surely, exactly how to help my son with his explosive behavior.

We are understanding that because of his lack of maturity and function in certain areas, even the smallest stressors create a fight or flight response as real to him as if he were being chased by a lion.

And we are finding ways to help him gain control.

If you, like me, are parenting an explosive child, please know, you are not alone.

Just because we don’t often publicly discuss the really hard things, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.


The Parenting An Explosive Child Series

This series is an in-depth look at how our approach, our day-to-day failures, successes and the progress we are seeing.

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Please know, I am in no way an expert.

I am a mom, just like you, trying to figure this out.

Let’s do it together.