A mom wrote me a few weeks ago and asked for a quick list of all the resources I recommend most.

I realized that although I share as much as possible throughout the blog about all the things my family loves, I did not have them in one place to make it easy on the momma I know is clearly strapped for time and has much better things to do than searching my site for help.


With that in mind, this is my one stop shop for all the resources and tools I have found to be most valuable in this wild journey we call motherhood.

Resources That Have Helped Me With My Sons’ Diagnoses

Resources That Really “Get It”

My List Of Must Read Books For Parenting A Child With Differences

Homeschooling Help

Homeschooling in general and specifically, children with learning differences takes a village, y’all. Here are my top recommendations when you are looking for homeschooling help. I have also included my favorite programs for children with learning differences.

Homeschooling Children With Learning Differences

Why Is Brave Writer Such A Big Deal?

All About Reading For The Dyslexic Child


I have had the honor of being able to share our story with many lovely ladies (and even one gentleman!). Click here for all the podcasts featuring Not The Former Things.

Please know, my heart in writing here at Not The Former Things is always to encourage and support other moms, just like me.

These are my best recommendations for all the different aspects of this messy, beautiful life.

As always, please email me with any questions or comments –

With love,