When You’re Not The Mom You Want To Be

I have not been the mom I want to be today...not at all. I am so tired. I am increasingly resentful of all the care my children require. I am overwhelmed by a week that seems like it Just. Won't. End. It feels like there is not enough coffee in the world. The floors are sticky. The bathroom is a crime scene. There is...Read More

When Mom Needs To Get Back On Track

My house is a disaster area. For reals. I am afraid to look in dust bunny-ridden corners, and the bathrooms make me want to wave a white flag. My approach to school has been hit or miss, at best. The number of doctor appointments, dentist appointments and therapist appointments we have each week is just plain stupid. And my hair? Well, let's not talk...Read More

How To Help When A Friend’s Child Has Been Hospitalized

My son has been in the hospital for three days now. I have cried more than I thought possible. I have prayed more than I thought possible. I have worried more than I thought possible. And I have found more encouragement and hope in the midst of this, than I ever thought possible. Right now, I am three floors away from my sick little...Read More

I Was In The Air On September 11, 2001

I was in the air when it happened. Working as a director of training and development for a large company meant frequent travel. Every Tuesday morning, I boarded a 6:00 AM flight for either San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston or New York, and flew to meet with and train various executives. September 11, 2001 was no different. I boarded my flight from Seattle to...Read More

Broken Cookies Taste Just As Sweet

Hearing stories from other moms can be so encouraging. My child had a public meltdown yesterday. I just had a conversation with his teacher about her IEP. I'm exhausted. My son meows too when he is unsure what else to say. (For reals, this happened to me. I was thrilled.) Marisa is a momma and a reader of Not The Former Things. She has four...Read More