Harry Potter Has Taken Over Our Homeschool

I volunteered in the school library when my son was in second grade. I loved it. The weekly trip to the library was kind-of a big deal for my son's class and he loved seeing me there in the middle of his school day. The first time I really understood the allure of Harry Potter was in that dark, little library, when a sweet...Read More

Independent Learning And The Struggling Reader

"I feel like a baby, all the time. I want to be able to do school like everyone else," my son said a few months ago. Hesitantly, I asked him what he meant. "Everyone gets to do their school on their own and I have to always be with you so you can read to me." He's not wrong. He sees his big brother,...Read More

Getting Ready For A New Homeschool Year

In just about one week, we will be starting our fifth year learning at home. In some weird way, it makes me feel old just typing that... like when the young mom talks about how her toddler gets into all the kitchen cabinets, and I sigh and remember those days. Homeschooling is kinda like that for me too - a mix of sighs and...Read More