Summer School That Isn’t School

  Like many of you, I am dragging my family over that school year finish line this month. I'm tired. My boys are tired. Our school has slipped into a haze of hurry up and finish just this one thing combined with science projects that I should've supervised a bit better, but instead turned my 11 year old's hands glittery purple for four days....Read More

Life Skills Matter (so why do I treat them like extras?)

He takes a shower without too much fuss, but the steps required to actually bathe are something we are still working on. He is still struggling with basic introductions and goodbyes. Any process involving more than two steps or simultaneous actions is not easy for him. Last week, he stood outside the car with the door open until I caught up because there was...Read More

Nature Study For The Not So “Outdoorsy” Mom

Before I had children, I spent most of my time working in big cities. New York. Boston. San Francisco. Seattle. Los Angeles. If I walked, it was a few blocks to the office, to the coffee shop, or to the nail salon. I enjoyed that life. It suited me. I haven't gone camping since I was 15 years old. I like air conditioning, a lot....Read More

The Truth About Homeschooling Children With Special Needs

We have been homeschooling my fourteen-year-old son since he was eight years old. Last week he went back to school. He is enrolled in a Medieval History class at a private school, as part of a homeschool hybrid program. He wants to go. He wants to get away from his little brother. He wants to learn from someone other than me. He wants to...Read More

Homeschooling An Explosive Child

There were scratches up and down my arms and my mascara was smudged. I glanced in the rear view mirror and noted that my hair would also need to be fixed before I went into the office. I looked like I had been in a fight. The truth is, I had. As I drove away from my son's school, I fought back tears. "Just getting him...Read More