When You’re Not The Mom You Want To Be

I have not been the mom I want to be today...not at all. I am so tired. I am increasingly resentful of all the care my children require. I am overwhelmed by a week that seems like it Just. Won't. End. It feels like there is not enough coffee in the world. The floors are sticky. The bathroom is a crime scene. There is...Read More

Momma, Why Can’t I Read?

This post was originally published on Not The Former Things in 2014. After reading two books last week, my sweet son was thrilled. I was thrilled. We all were thrilled. But this week, basic words are a struggle again. He sees the words. He knows he used to know them. But his brain just can't recall the information. This is part of dyslexia. It...Read More

Why Does Sunday School Have to be School?

It's Sunday morning. How many families are fighting to get their kids out the door today, and into that Sunday school classroom? When I was a single mom, I used to look at the clock on a Sunday morning and count down the hours and minutes until my sons would be checked in to their Sunday school classes. I knew I would then have...Read More

Motherhood – One Step At A Time

"Mommy, that would be so boring," he said. "What?" I asked, sighing and thinking he was missing the whole point. "Walking around that big wall, for six days with nothing happening." I looked down at the children's bible in his sweet but very dirty hands. "Yes, I guess it would be," I answered, beginning to realize my son was teaching me something about this...Read More

Dear Mom At Target

"I was complimented once on my parenting skills when I was out with my 'neurotypical' kiddo. I told the woman she wouldn't be saying it if I were with my other 2 kids. But thanked her anyway! I always make a point to make eye contact with the struggling moms at the store...give them a "hang in there" been there done that...whatever. Just an...Read More