For The Waiting Room Mom

A sweet friend texted me last week from a waiting room. Her son was in the room next door, undergoing additional neuropsychological evaluations. She said she knew I would understand. The waiting. The mounting fear. The worry. The silence. The beige decor. The straining to hear what was being said on the other side of the door. The not wanting to hear what was being...Read More

When You’re Not The Mom You Want To Be

I have not been the mom I want to be today...not at all. I am so tired. I am increasingly resentful of all the care my children require. I am overwhelmed by a week that seems like it Just. Won't. End. It feels like there is not enough coffee in the world. The floors are sticky. The bathroom is a crime scene. There is...Read More

Sometimes, You Just Need To Hear It From Another Mom

She looked at me and said, "It will get easier. I know it's hard right now. You are figuring it out and it will get easier." My eyes welled up with tears. I just needed to hear it from another mom. Another mom who has been there. Another mom who has managed a meltdown. Another mom who has cleaned up a bathroom accident when...Read More

My Son Is A Child, Not A Bipolar Diagnosis

My son snuggled against me, on the beige leather couch, trying to get comfortable and forget the sensory sensation of his legs sticking to the fabric. "Sweet boy," I murmured, and smoothed his unruly hair. The psychiatrist was instructing us in all the things. The medications we needed to try. The possible side effects. The school options. The therapies necessary. The long-term likelihood of...Read More

Love Letters and Children’s Literacy

I love hearing about other women's passions and interests. There is something motivating and inspiring about another momma, trying to impact the world, doing the best she can to make a difference. Luckily, being a blogger means that I am often introduced to and impressed with some pretty amazing moms. It keeps me going. It makes me feel like there is a way to...Read More