Nature Study For The Not So “Outdoorsy” Mom

Before I had children, I spent most of my time working in big cities. New York. Boston. San Francisco. Seattle. Los Angeles. If I walked, it was a few blocks to the office, to the coffee shop, or to the nail salon. I enjoyed that life. It suited me. I haven't gone camping since I was 15 years old. I like air conditioning, a lot....Read More

Top Resources For Homeschooling Children With Learning Differences

"I can't seem to find anyone who homeschools their child. My son is 13 and is autistic and epileptic. I have never met anyone else in similar situation.  I feel so alone and don't know if I'm doing anything right.  I have nothing to compare it to and no help at all. Any ideas. Thank you.  I feel so alone in homeschooling and don't...Read More

Why Are Consistent Routines So Hard?

Mom confession time. I totally let my son watch four episodes of SpongeBob yesterday. In a row. I dozed on the couch with the aggravating sounds of Squidward and Patrick in the background. It was my son who stopped the incessant music playing at the end of the episode. "I'm bored," he said, looking at me expectantly. "I'm tired," I wanted to say, but...Read More

The Hardest Part Of Homeschooling My Children With Special Needs

My child ate kleenex in his therapy session last week. He nonchalantly picked up the box, pulled out a few pieces and started taking bites like it was a turkey sandwich. When he was done, he broke the box itself in half, put it on his head like a hat, and got back to coloring the picture the psychiatrist had asked him to draw....Read More

A Typical Day Is Anything But

When I first started homeschooling, I could barely picture the elementary years.  I went to school to be an elementary special education teacher – I felt like I should have an idea of what to expect. But middle school and even worse….high school? No idea. A Typical Day Is Anything But I have no idea what homeschooling my boys is “supposed” to look like....Read More