Life Skills Matter (so why do I treat them like extras?)

He takes a shower without too much fuss, but the steps required to actually bathe are something we are still working on. He is still struggling with basic introductions and goodbyes. Any process involving more than two steps or simultaneous actions is not easy for him. Last week, he stood outside the car with the door open until I caught up because there was...Read More

When You Want To Quit (and you will want to quit)

I am really struggling with everything right now. The constant meltdowns are just getting to be too much. I am not sure I can do this much longer. How do you do all this and not feel like you want to quit? A sweet mom emailed me this question last week. I receive a variation of this all the time. All. The. Time. I...Read More

10 Must-Read Books For Parenting A Child With Special Needs

There are eleven separate chronic diagnoses between my two children. Seven times I have sat in a beige room on a beige couch and heard a doctor say the words I knew were coming, but still didn't want to hear. Your child has... Autism Bipolar Disorder, Type 1 Anxiety Disorder ADHD Sensory Processing Disorder Lupus Learning Disorders I have said it before and I...Read More

Why Are Consistent Routines So Hard?

Mom confession time. I totally let my son watch four episodes of SpongeBob yesterday. In a row. I dozed on the couch with the aggravating sounds of Squidward and Patrick in the background. It was my son who stopped the incessant music playing at the end of the episode. "I'm bored," he said, looking at me expectantly. "I'm tired," I wanted to say, but...Read More

The Hardest Part Of Homeschooling My Children With Special Needs

My child ate kleenex in his therapy session last week. He nonchalantly picked up the box, pulled out a few pieces and started taking bites like it was a turkey sandwich. When he was done, he broke the box itself in half, put it on his head like a hat, and got back to coloring the picture the psychiatrist had asked him to draw....Read More