To the Step Dad on Fathers Day

When the boys first met my husband, we were at Disneyland. How's that for stacking the deck? Clearly they loved him... like immediately. In fact, I was freaking out because my youngest son took his hand and started walking around Adventure Land with him like he'd known him for years after about 7 seconds. I distinctly remember thinking, "NoNoNoNoNo! Do not get attached, Little...Read More

Learning To Embrace God’s Design For My Children

He really, really wanted to see that stinky flower. For months, he had walked by the "titan arum" at the gardens and told me all about it. How it's like a once in a lifetime thing to actually see it bloom, how rare of an experience it would be, how it actually smells like rotting meat, how scientists are studying it to learn more...Read More

Things We Never Thought We’d Say ‘Thank You’ For

"Thank you so much for being the one that does all the stool samples for these kids. I do not think I could pull that off." My husband said it so earnestly. He really, really meant it. It was sweet and kind. And I burst out laughing. "We thank each other for some crazy things," I said. "We need to write a blog post...Read More

How We Stopped Fighting Every Month Over Money

I could see the tension in his face as soon as I said it - "We should go over the budget tonight." It happened every single month. I would try to figure out a way to bring up the subject of our family's finances, and my sweet and typically chatty husband would immediately withdraw. I would panic, and start to list all the things...Read More

Can You Hear The Hope? – A podcast about parenting and autism

The radio in my car hasn't worked in years. My son had a massive meltdown on the side of the road one day  and broke the car antenna. (He also dented the bumper, scratched the paint, and drew the attention of a suspicious police officer driving by as he tried to punch me the face. Just keepin' it real people...) So, no more radio....Read More