Special Needs Motherhood - Accepting a New Normal #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting

Accepting A New Normal

My son's health, both physical and mental, has been declining for weeks. It culminated in a crisis last week that I am not sure I will ever really fully be able to put words to here. Suffice to say it was really, really hard - for him, of course, and for me. This week, he is beginning to recover a bit. He is asking...Read More
On The Worst Days - Support for the special needs mom #specialneeds #autism #adhd #specialneedsmom

On The Worst Days: Support For The Special Needs Mom

My son is sleeping right now. Even as he sleeps, he calls for me about every hour or so. "MommaMommaMommaMomma," he slurs in a haze of medicine and pain. By the time I get to him, he has usually settled and is sleeping soundly again. Like last year, he is experiencing severe side effects from medications that are essential for his well-being. Like last...Read More