Easy Antique Map Making Activity #handsonlearning #kidsactivity #funfriday #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolmom

Easy Antique Map Making Activity

My son has been binge-watching a show on Netflix this week. It's The 72 Deadliest Creatures of Latin America, because of course it is. It's right up his 12-year-old boy alley. Animals and danger, mixed with a few gag-worthy shots of what happens to someone's leg when they are bit by a venomous Fer de Lance? Hours of viewing pleasure around here. Because he...Read More

When The Child Who Needs Structure Fights It The Most

I hear it all the time. Every doctor, every therapist, every educator... At some point in discussing my youngest son's learning differences and special needs, every expert has made the same generalized recommendation, with varying degrees of concern and judgement. He needs structure. For a child with his level of differences, he needs structure to know that he can depend on the routine, even...Read More
When I Mourn The Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

When I Mourn the Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

I saw them as I drove out of the Target parking lot. Two little boys, rolling down a grassy hill, squealing in delight as their momma waited at the bus stop nearby. Such a simple little scene... But I felt like I couldn't breathe, watching the oldest boy roll with abandon and wild joy. Tears immediately began to flow, and I actually had to...Read More
Harry Potter Solar System Activity #homeschool #homeschooling #kidsactivity

Harry Potter Solar System Activity (with free bonus printable)

My youngest is obsessed, y'all. For reals. Harry Potter and all things Harry Potter have completely taken over around here. We are listening to the books, again, on audio in the car for the 4th time. He is saving his money to collect every Harry Potter collectible around. He quotes the books as part of our everyday conversation. My boy is all in. I...Read More
Homeschooling High School: When It's Time For More #homeschool #homeschoolmom #apologia #highschool

Homeschooling High School: When It’s Time For More

My oldest son turns 15 next week. 15. I can hardly believe it, and yet, I see the reality right in front of me every single day. My boy is quickly turning into a man. He has shown so much growth over the course of the last year, socially, emotionally and academically. I am so grateful for him and this progress, I can hardly...Read More