What I Wish People Would Stop Saying To My Child

My son was in a gymnastics class last year. He loved moving his body. He loved the other kids. He loved feeling accomplished at the end. Although he loved all of these things, he still struggled to get out the door every Saturday morning. Crippling anxiety would grip him, about five minutes before we needed to leave, every single week. After deep breathing, talking...Read More

How Do I Help My Anxious Child?

I stumbled across an old journal last week. It was for the year 2010 when my oldest son was six and my youngest, three. I read through it and smiled at all the cute sayings and sweet moments, grateful I had taken the time to record them. (I had completely forgotten that my little guy said "Betty" instead of "belly.") I also read through...Read More

How Anxiety Affects My Son’s Learning

When I was in the sixth grade, I ran for student council president. One of the requirements was getting up on stage, in front of the entire school, and giving a speech about why you should be elected. I bombed. For reals. I couldn’t remember the lines I had prepared. I stuttered and started sweating. I ran off the stage as fast as I...Read More

Separation Anxiety and The Older Child

When my son was two, he screamed any time I left the house. Tears would flow and ruin my makeup every single day on the way to work. I was never really sure how to process all the emotion that welled up inside me, hearing his cries. He's only two. It's developmentally appropriate. He needs to learn he can live without you and that...Read More

Parenting An Explosive Child

I have been scratched, spat on, threatened, punched and called names. There are holes in the walls, windows that have been broken, iPads that will never be the same and stains on the ceiling that will not come out no matter how hard I scrub. Our school day often involves more than one book or pencil being thrown, and an anger so fierce I...Read More