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100 Sensory Activities For All Ages

 It started when my son's occupational therapist handed me a worksheet describing a "Sensory Diet." I went home in tears. I remember thinking as I sobbed in the parking lot, "How am I going to add this in to all that we are already doing? I feel like I'm failing already." It just felt like more. It took a lot of time, many more...Read More

Teaching Social Skills At Home

Last month, my 14-year-old son went to a meet and greet for one of his favorite tech YouTubers. When he returned home, he told me all about the other people he met, the jokes that they told, and the afternoon that they shared. Later that night, my husband said, "You would've been so impressed. He held his own. He was confident and chatty. I...Read More
Speech Therapy For Older Children. Speech Therapy At Home. Speech Delay. Speech Pathology

Speech Therapy For The Older Child

The first time my youngest son completed a speech and language assessment, he was four years old. I brought him in on the recommendation of his preschool teacher. At the end of testing, the Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) actually patted my hand as she said, "He's fine. He's young and still has a lot of developing to do. If he still seems unintelligible...Read More

Party Planning And Thank You Notes For Kids

I have plans to leave with a friend overnight later this summer. I seriously can't wait. Time to just be a girl and sleep? I could cry right now just thinking about it. The only thing that I am dreading is leaving my son. He is already anxious about it. For weeks he has been asking me when I am leaving and can I...Read More

How Do I Help My Anxious Child?

I stumbled across an old journal last week. It was for the year 2010 when my oldest son was six and my youngest, three. I read through it and smiled at all the cute sayings and sweet moments, grateful I had taken the time to record them. (I had completely forgotten that my little guy said "Betty" instead of "belly.") I also read through...Read More