Occupational Therapy at Home (DIY Strategies For Helping Your Child)

The first time my son and I walked into an occupational therapy gym, I had no idea what to expect. He was nine years old and had been struggling for years. Noises - loud or repetitive. Smells - good or bad. Shoes. Socks. Tags. Grass. Sand. He was overwhelmed by the world and had been for a long time. When my son was formally...Read More

DIY Therapies For Children: Can I Do This At Home?

My son was hiding under the chair in the doctor's office, softly rocking and hitting his head. One minute prior, he had been sitting in the same chair, talking to the doctor all about Ancient Egypt. Then the nurse brought in the syringes for his vaccinations. In a matter of seconds, my son was trying to escape. The doctor and I both tried to...Read More