Seen and Unseen Disabilities (what I learned when my son used a wheelchair)

The day I ordered my son's wheelchair was not a good one. Just pressing the "ship now" button made my heart hurt. After years of autism therapies and anxiety medications. After years of doctor's appointments and educational evaluations. After years of learning everything possible about his sensory system and urgent need for tactile input. After what felt like years of so much, he was...Read More

How To Turn Around A Bad Day

It has been a tough few weeks around here. Like, really tough. Both of my children are off. The time change certainly didn't help, but the reality is that we were already a hot mess long before we lost that hour. My oldest has been having complications from his chronic illness. Mouth sores and rashes and things that are just generally not fun for...Read More

Looking Back on 2015

It is so hard to believe that another year has passed. It's been a doozy for our family. 2015 brought us five hospital visits, and two additional diagnoses. It brought new pets and aquariums (I really, really don't want to actually figure out how many. It's best if I stay in denial). It brought progress and change and sadness and love and laughter. This...Read More

Being A Mother Of A Chronically Ill Child

"Now, I don't want you to worry. Not yet. These results can mean any number of things." When the doctor starts out with "I don't want you to worry," the first thing you do is worry. It has been a year since we got back test results that revealed my son had something wrong - something very wrong - with his autoimmune system. We...Read More

Mixed Blessings

He laughed, and his eyes twinkled. I felt a mix of happiness and ache - How long as it been since I have seen my son's eyes light up like that? Watching my son, interacting with his friends, truly enjoying their company, tolerating the noise -  such a blessing. I was overjoyed. And, I was sad. I felt the loss of all the times...Read More