On Denial, Hope and Parenting A Child With Special Needs #specialneeds #mentalillness #specialneedsmom #parenting

On Denial, Hope And Parenting A Child With Special Needs

One week, I was telling my son's doctor how great he was doing. The next, paramedics were at our house loading my child into an ambulance. The week after that, I was on the phone with his therapist, trying to sort it all out. "Have I just been in denial?" I asked, not really certain I wanted to know the answer (because, you know,...Read More
10 Things We Don't Do To Celebrate Christmas #autism #specialneeds #christmas #specialneedsmom

Ten Things We Don’t Do To Celebrate Christmas

I have been feeling the pressure for a while now. It was subtle at first. Like a vague feeling of stress, mixed with the whisper that I am forgetting something. Then, as the holiday season progressed, it grew. The shopping, the wrapping, the traditions, the parties - the holiday season is in full force. This morning, I woke up feeling tired, anxious and like...Read More
Is It OK To Use The Term "Special Needs" - #autism #specialneeds #adhd #learningdifferences

Is It OK To Use The Term “Special Needs?”

People can be really mean sometimes. People can be really kind sometimes. This pretty much sums up what I have learned about the internet as a blogger. I delete inappropriate comments without responding. I try to help anyone who seems like they may need it and I hope I communicate how grateful I am for the massive support and encouragement I feel from you,...Read More

Why Are We So Afraid Of Accommodations For Children?

Every week, I receive a report showing the top searches that drive traffic to my blog. Every week, I cringe. At the very top of the list, for the last year or so, the top search is always some variation of this - "Spoiled child with autism" "Spoiled dyslexic child" "Spoiled child in special ed class" I wish I was exaggerating to make a...Read More

When My Expectations Don’t Match My Reality

"I think you might be losing sight of the fact that he has an autism spectrum diagnosis. That's not going away. We need to talk about adjusting your expectations." This is what the behavioral pediatrician told me in our appointment last week. She said it in response to me telling her all the things we were "working on" and all the things that were...Read More