Does My Child Really Need These Treatments, Therapies and Interventions?

A few weeks ago, I shared that we were getting a psychiatric service dog for my 11-year-old son. For the past few months, I have openly shared the different therapies and interventions we employ for both my sweet boys. For three years, I have tried to explain, as best I can while still protecting some shred of my children's privacy, the realities of our day-to-day...Read More

Should My Child Have A Service Dog?

Last fall, my youngest son was in the hospital for more than a week. It was one of the longest weeks of both of our lives. Despite the pain and anxiety, he did well. The nurses loved him. The doctors laughed at his sweet jokes. At some point, they all said essentially the same thing to me - He really misses his dog. He...Read More

Finding A Treatment Plan That Works

When the psychiatrist first gave us the list of diagnoses, I was a little stunned. "You see four different diagnoses here, just in one day's time?" "Well, yes. Based on his history and everything we have seen, it's clear. The good news is, now that we know, we can treat these conditions. Let's make a list of which ones are the most concerning. We...Read More

When Your Child Has A Mental Illness

This is the post I never, ever thought I would have to write. My youngest son, my sweet, loving, cuddly, animal loving, energetic, fun-loving ten-year-old boy, is mentally ill. It shouldn't feel so different. After an autism diagnosis, two anxiety disorder diagnosis, an ADHD diagnosis, an autoimmune disease diagnosis, and a panic disorder diagnosis, you would think the words "bipolar disorder" would somehow feel...Read More

The Constant Vigilance Of Parenting A Child With Special Needs

"It feels like our lives are totally out of control. And there is nothing I can do about it," my husband replied. I looked at my son's doctor, wondering what she might say. She looked down at her paper and wrote something. I glanced at my husband, and gave him a weak smile. "He's not used to this," I thought. "I'm usually the one...Read More