The Constant Vigilance Of Parenting A Child With Special Needs

"It feels like our lives are totally out of control. And there is nothing I can do about it," my husband replied. I looked at my son's doctor, wondering what she might say. She looked down at her paper and wrote something. I glanced at my husband, and gave him a weak smile. "He's not used to this," I thought. "I'm usually the one...Read More

My Child Has A Mental Illness

Lately, it seems like my youngest son is slipping away from us, one mood episode at a time. There are moments, hours, and even days when things are good. Just last week, he was able to travel for Thanksgiving, see our family, and have so much fun with his cousin. It was wonderful. It was a breath of fresh air. And it was short-lived....Read More

Misdiagnosis – When Doctors Don’t Have Answers

The last six months have been a haze of doctors' offices, medications, meltdowns and unexplained illnesses for my youngest son. He has received several different, significant diagnoses in this time frame. He has been treated according to the standard protocol for each of these diagnoses. Nothing has worked. As a result, after a very serious reaction to medication and a week-long hospital stay, every...Read More

My Son Is A Child, Not A Bipolar Diagnosis

My son snuggled against me, on the beige leather couch, trying to get comfortable and forget the sensory sensation of his legs sticking to the fabric. "Sweet boy," I murmured, and smoothed his unruly hair. The psychiatrist was instructing us in all the things. The medications we needed to try. The possible side effects. The school options. The therapies necessary. The long-term likelihood of...Read More

My Children Are More Than Their Differences

Lately, there has been no escape from the endless lists. Of symptoms Of medications Of side effects Of doctors appointments Of helpful books to read Of therapists to see Of other people who have struggled with the same differences and grew up to be perfectly amazing Of diagnoses Of educational options Of future possibilities for long term care Of all the things to watch...Read More