Occupational Therapy at Home (DIY Strategies For Helping Your Child)

The first time my son and I walked into an occupational therapy gym, I had no idea what to expect. He was nine years old and had been struggling for years. Noises - loud or repetitive. Smells - good or bad. Shoes. Socks. Tags. Grass. Sand. He was overwhelmed by the world and had been for a long time. When my son was formally...Read More

Summer Sensory Hacks For Kids (and their moms too!)

I prep for our summer break every year. Fun activities, new learning plans, field trips and small getaways - I organize and plan, hoping for some sense of summer order and fun. And every single year, what I inevitably forget to factor in is the simple fact that summer, and all of its heat, bugs, smells and then, even hotter heat, overwhelms my children...Read More

Am I Babying My Son?

"You baby him. He's almost eleven years old and you are still helping him get his socks on straight." "You can't keep treating him like a baby. He is old enough to sleep through the night. You need some tough love here." "You are still helping him tie his shoes? Are you kidding me? How old is he? Time to cut the apron strings."...Read More

Movement and Learning For The Older Child

"I can think of better ideas, Momma, if you just let me walk around." My eleven-year-old son was narrating a story, as part of our writing lesson for the day. I was typing his words as he spoke them and had asked him to stay close to me so I could hear him spin his tale. As soon as he sat down, he began to...Read More