Easy Hands-On Learning Activities

My boys have always learned best with hands-on, experiential activities. (The truth is, I think most of us do!)

So, the problem hasn’t been my desire to incorporate more hands-on activities into our school days. The desire is there, but oh my goodness – all the planning, work and mess that usually comes with hands-on learning. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Over the years, I have learned to just accept that I am not a crafty mom. I do not have craft supplies all over the place just waiting for creativity to strike. I have Amazon and a little money set aside each month for hands-on learning activities that do not require me to be more crafty than I am capable.

Honestly, the number one thing I look for when planning hands-on activities, is that it does not require a ton of prep, planning, or money on my part. (Because I just can’t, y’all. I want to be that mom. I really do. But I have been doing this long enough to know if it’s complicated, we won’t actually do it. I will think about. I will put it on the lesson planner. I may even have it on my own to-do list. But when push comes to shove and our real life comes into play, it will not happen.)

Maybe you can identify?

If so, please allow me to share what is working and doesn’t make me feel like a crazy person in the process.

Easy Hands-On Learning

These are my top 5 resources for easy on mom, fun for the kids, hands-on learning activities.

1. Hands-On Learning and Movement


2. Hands-On Science


3.Nerf Gun Activities For Hands-On Learning

4. Hands-On Learning For Struggling Readers


5. Hands-On History


Bonus: Hands-On Science Study of The Skeletal System

Want more ideas?

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