Life Support @ (in)courage

I think it can be very, very challenging to be my friend these days.

I rarely return calls or texts. I cancel plans at the last minute because “we are just not having a good day“. I have very little discretionary income for fun treats (the stack of doctors and therapists bills has settled that). I get grumpy, way grumpy, and I know there are times I have said things that left very little room for grace – and my friends gave it to me anyway.

My friends are a lifeline.

Today, I am overwhelming honored to be sharing a new piece at (in)courage about how these girls save my life over and over again.

(in)courage! Their mission is to be a home for the hearts of women. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Doesn’t that sound like exactly what we all need – a home for our hearts?

These girls are a home for mine. Click here to join me at (in)courage for one of my favorite posts ever – Life Support.


Love, Shawna

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